Does Your Rockland, NY Home Have What Buyers Want? 8 Features They Are Looking for

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted the world in many aspects – from how we work to how we socialize. The real estate industry is no exception. Though the pandemic has caused a slowdown in the market, buyers are still looking for homes – they’re just being more selective about what they’re looking for.

Owning a home in Rockland County, New York, is a dream for many. The area is famous for its incredible views of the Hudson River, as well as its proximity to New York City. So, if you have a Rockland home for sale, it’s probably not hard to find a buyer. However, if you want to get top dollar for your home, you need to ensure it has what buyers are looking for.

Here are eight features that buyers will be looking for in Rockland County homes in 2022:

1. Plenty of outdoor space

Buyers are looking for homes with plenty of outdoor space – whether that means a large backyard, a deck or patio, or even just a small balcony. With many people still working from home, having extra space to enjoy the outdoors is more important than ever.

For example, a house with a country club-like backyard will be a hit with buyers. We all know Americans love to entertain and have a BBQ, especially summertime. So, a home with a backyard perfect for entertaining will be in high demand. Make sure to highlight this feature in your listing with clear photos or even a video tour.

2. A home office

Another feature that buyers are looking for in a home office. With so many people working from home these days, having a dedicated space to work is a must. If your Rockland County home has an extra room that can be easily converted into a home office, be sure to mention it in your listing. You may even want to stage the room to show buyers how it can be used.

For example, you could set up a desk and chair in the room with a laptop, some office supplies, and even a plant or two. This will give buyers an idea of how the space can be used and help them envision themselves working from home in your home.

In addition, a home office doesn’t have to be a separate room, though. A large kitchen with a breakfast nook or a den that can be used as a home office is also a selling point. Keep in mind to emphasize it in your listing.

3. A spacious kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and buyers are looking for homes with spacious kitchens. It’s because many homeowners love to cook, and the kitchen is where they spend the most time.

If your home has a large, open-concept kitchen, make sure to showcase it in your listing. Buyers will love seeing all the features of the kitchen at once – from the cabinets and countertops to the appliances and flooring.

Many people are also looking for kitchens with updated appliances and features. So, if your kitchen has stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, or a backsplash, be sure to mention it in your listing. These are all features that will make your kitchen stand out to buyers.

However, you don’t need to spend a fortune to update your kitchen. If your kitchen is small but well-designed and functional, that’s also a selling point. The key is to make the most of the space you have and highlight the features that buyers are looking for.

4. Many Built-in storages

In addition to a spacious kitchen, buyers are also looking for homes with plenty of storage space. This is especially true for buyers with families. Parents are always looking for ways to keep their homes organized and tidy, and having ample storage space is a big help.

A great example is a mudroom with cubbies for each family member to store their shoes and coats. Another example is a pantry with built-in shelves for storing food and kitchen supplies. Or perhaps closets in each bedroom with built-in organizers.

If your house doesn’t have this feature and you’re on a tight budget for updates, you can still make your Rockland home for sale stand out with other storage solutions. For example, you can buy some storage bins and baskets to declutter your home and make it more organized. You can also install hooks on the walls for hanging coats, bags, and umbrellas.

5. A laundry room

Another feature that many buyers are looking for is a laundry room, especially for larger families who need to wash and dry many clothes each week. However, even small families appreciate having a dedicated space for laundry.

If your house doesn’t have a laundry room, there’s no need to worry. You can create one by converting an unused closet or spare room into a laundry space. Just include some basic amenities like a washer, dryer, and sink. You may also want to install some cabinets or shelving for storing laundry supplies.

Remember that home buyers are looking for an energy-efficient laundry room. So, if your washer and dryer are new and energy-efficient, be sure to mention them in your listing.

6. Smart home features

Some home buyers may think that these are unnecessary expensive items, but including even a few smart home features in your house can make it more attractive to many buyers. A smart home doesn’t have to be expensive.

One example of a smart home feature is a thermostat that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet. This is ideal for people who are always on the go and need to adjust the temperature of their home even when they’re not there.

Other important examples of smart home features include security systems, doorbell cameras, and automated lights. These are all features that will make your home safer and more secure, which many buyers are looking for. Even if Rockland County is generally safe, homebuyers still want to know that their family is protected. In fact, according to the State of Safety survey, break-in is the most worrisome property crime for homeowners.

7. Underfloor heating

Rockland County’s weather can be unpredictable, so having a heating system to keep your home warm in the winter is a must. Many buyers are looking for homes with underfloor heating because it’s a more efficient way to heat a home.

Underfloor heating systems use radiant heat to warm the floor of your home, which then radiates outward and heats the rest of the room. This is different from traditional forced-air heating systems, which blow hot air into a room from a central unit.

If you’re unsure if your home has underfloor heating, you can check the flooring in each room. If it feels warm to the touch, chances are there’s an underfloor heating system installed. You can also check the thermostat to see if there’s a setting for underfloor heating.

8. A cozy living room

The living room is among the most important and favorite rooms in the house where many families often spend a lot of their time. So, it’s no surprise that buyers are looking for homes with cozy living rooms.

You can make your living room cozier and inviting without spending a fortune. First, you can add some comfortable furniture like sofas and armchairs. You can also add some throw blankets and pillows for extra comfort. Another idea is to add a fireplace to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If your house doesn’t have a lot of space in your living room, you can still make it cozier with the right furniture arrangement. For example, you can place a sofa against the wall to create more floor space. Or, you can use a smaller coffee table to make the room feel more open.

Final Thoughts

These eight features are just some of what homebuyers in Rockland County, NY, are looking for. If your house has any of these features, highlight them in your listing. And, if you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, now is a great time to start making some updates to attract more buyers.

If you’re using a Rockland County real estate agent, they can help you determine what buyers are looking for in your area and make suggestions to make your home more appealing.

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