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Title and Escrow

Information About Title & Escrow

Transferring a title and setting up escrow accounts can be difficult if you’ve never done it before. 

The New York Quitclaim Deed Process can be used if your title transfer meets the following qualifications:

  • Transferring property involving a revocable trust.
  • Transferring property to a spouse as part of divorce proceedings.
  • Transferring one co owners interests to a separate and different co owner.
  • Transferring property you already own on yourself into ownership with a new co-owner.
  • Changing the ways existing owners hold the title to the property.

You can start this process by filling out a simple quitclaim deed form and submitting it to the proper offices. You can read more on the New York Quitclaim Deed process on

How To Setup A New Escrow Account For Your Home Purchase

When you are buying a home you will most likely hear the word escrow quite often. Escrow is a legally binding arrangement in which your designated third party holds large amounts of money or property until conditions have been met, for example, the fulfillment of a purchasing agreement. 

You can set up a few different types of escrow accounts. For more information on escrow processes check out Rocket Mortgage resources on this. 

west nyack landscape

West Nyack Real Estate Information 2021

This hidden gem is classified as a New York hamlet. Previously this small town was named Clarksville and Montmoor but has remained known as West Nyack for over a century now. Home to approximately 3200 people there are around 1100 households in a geographical area of just 2.9 square miles. While some crime does occur in West Nyack, it’s mostly just property crimes with

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Estimated Population over time of Rock Tavern

Rock Tavern Real Estate Information

This beautiful hamlet rests within New Windsor, New York and is home to just over two thousand people as of the last census data for this area. With its own local zip code of 12575 the area is a very nice place to live. Crime statistics in the area are relatively low for the surrounding area. On a scale of 1 to 100 with

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minerals hotel in greenwood lake new york

Greenwood Lake Real Estate Information

Originally settled as a farming community several centuries ago, this area was also home to the Munsee Indians. There was a local dam project as well that was built in 1837. This greatly increased the size of Greenwood Lake, the body of water. Considered a tourist area and populated by several hotel options, the area of Greenwood lake regularly enjoys a steady flow of

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Why Live in New York

In contrast with New York City’s urban atmosphere, the vast majority of the state is dominated by farms, forests, rivers, mountains, and lakes. New York’s Adirondack Park is the largest state park in the United States. It is larger than the Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier and Olympic National Parks combined. New York established the first state park in the United States at Niagara

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Manhattan Apartments

In Manhattan, uptown means north (more precisely north-northeast, which is the direction the island and its street grid system is oriented) and downtown means south (south-southwest). This usage differs from that of most American cities, where downtown refers to the central business district. Manhattan has two central business districts, the Financial District at the southern tip of the island, and Midtown Manhattan. The term

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Buying a Home

There are cracks in the foundation. Nothing structural. Nothing that’s going to threaten the stability of the home, but they’re there. Nooks, crannies and holes through which seeps an invisible threat. Colorless, odorless and undetectable by your average human, it is nonetheless the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon gas – even the name sounds ominous, evoking images of

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