West Nyack Real Estate Information 2021

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This hidden gem is classified as a New York hamlet. Previously this small town was named Clarksville and Montmoor but has remained known as West Nyack for over a century now. Home to approximately 3200 people there are around 1100 households in a geographical area of just 2.9 square miles.

While some crime does occur in West Nyack, it’s mostly just property crimes with only an average of 8 violent crimes per year. Safer than about half the cities in America, West Nyack can be a very enjoyable place to live or raise a family.

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What is there to do in West Nyack?

Locally you can relax at a local comedy club, bowling alley or many different outdoor entertainment options like the Palisades Climb Adventure Ropes Course.


There are some local eateries such as the Grub Asian Fusion Cuisine and Crossroads Gastro. West Nyack also has a total of 8 local parks within just a couple miles of each other.

Local schools include five total school choices, in either Upper Nyack or Nyack. There are elementary, middle and high school options that all score quite highly above the national average. As an educational choice, West Nyack is well situated to be a great choice for your family at any age.

Real Estate Buying & Selling In West Nyack

With a grand total of just 1,456 housing units within West Nyack, owner occupied rates account for 1,398 of the total homes. There are very few rentals being occupied in the area. This means a very stable neighborhood with people that generally know most everyone in town. With 95 of these homes being sold in the last decade, there is very little turnover in the area. If you fall in love with a new property for sale in West Nyack, you may want to act quickly as you could be waiting some time before another one is on the market.


Average home values in the area have fluctuated like the rest of the country recently but the average value here is currently set at $460,000 with this being a little down from the previous year. Land on the other hand is up 28% at an average of $272 per square foot.

More Information About West Nyack

west nyack landscape

Population density of this hamlet is currently about 1,125 people per square mile. 36% of all local households have at least one child under the age of 18 living at home with them. Median income for the area also is just shy of $100,000 a year. Overall, West Nyack is a family centric small neighborhood with a good collection of well behaved neighbors, we’d call it both small and lovable.

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